Prescriptive Exercise is the Best Medicine…
By ‘prescriptive exercise’ we mean a protocol of exercises designed to address your specific risk factors, not the usual generic exercise instructions we’ve all heard. For example, through a specific set of exercise protocols we routinely elevate patients’ with a baseline HDL of under 40 to over 80. As any doctor will tell you, such a change represents a huge reduction in the risk of a heart attack.

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

Put succinctly, until recently there was no delivery vehicle for these new findings. Think about it. Most fitness or exercise programs are generic—one size fits all. Most fitness centers offer little more than a place. Personal trainers usually focus on weight loss or body sculpting. Physical therapists are focused on short-term treatment to restore function after an accident or surgery. Your doctor needs a prescriptive exercise specialist, and that is exactly what Rxclusive provides.

What’s Next?