K.C. Inlow

K.C. Inlow is a champion in every sense of the word.

K.C. is a World Class Power Lifter and Body Builder, a World Record Holder in the Bench Press and Deadlift, who has excelled at every competitive level and has been featured in nearly a dozen national publications. K.C. also received her Personal Training Certification through the National Council on Strength and Fitness and has been helping clients reach their fitness and health goals for years.. If your objective is strength training, it’s pretty obvious you’d be lucky to work with K.C. But guess what? If your objective is better health and a long life, you are just as fortunate. This background and K.C.’s special personality brings a unique and highly valued set of skills.

K.C. has been a Prescriptive Exercise Specialist since 2006 and as any of our clients will tell you, she has a special gift for motivating and making each session fun while incorporating cardiovascular, strength, agility, power and resistance training into your full workout program. K.C.’s passion to help, energize and inspire is what everyone loves that about her. K.C.’s background makes her the consummate professional at teaching safe and proper technique, and allows her to pull from a seemingly endless variety of exercises that are targeted to each client’s specific exercise prescription and capabilities, while always making you feel comfortable no matter what your current fitness level may be. K.C.’s desire is to encourage you to make fitness and health a natural part of your life and connect with others that have that same desire.

Kimberly Epp

Kimberly Epp has an incredibly deep and broad background that makes her one of the most accomplished Prescriptive Exercise Specialists.

Kim is a certified NASM and AFAA personal trainer. She has proven her ability to implement what she knows. However when she had the opportunity to work with Dr. Mike Nichols, a world leader in advanced early detection diagnostics, exercise and nutrition prescriptive protocols—she pursued the opportunity to learn the medical approach verses the conventional way of training.

Kimberly continued her education and served in a groundbreaking clinic as a Prescriptive Exercise Specialist, Phlebotomist and EKG technician. Her training and experience epitomizes the marriage between medical science and state-of-the-art prescriptive exercise. She has a passion to educate those who are serious about solving their health challenges, but struggle with “how”.

Her sensitivity when working with cardiac patients is a plus. Her experience includes clients with significant clinical problems such as hypertension, heart rhythm disturbances, pacemakers, bypass surgery, and artificial heart valves.

She has established professional relationships with doctors and is good at bridging the gap between what doctors don’t have the time or expertise to do and what needs to be done for the patient.

As a result, you’ll see her in the exercise studio, the lab, and the doctor’s office supporting clients at every level in the client’s health management.

Melissa Harper

Melissa Harper
In the truest sense of the word, Melissa Harper is pure as gold. She frequently competes as a World Rower. Her accomplishments as a competitive athlete are evident.

  • 2010 FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta – St Catharine’s Champion
  • Nike World Master Games – World Champions – Los Gatos Rowing Club

Her expertise and knowledge of how to communicate proper form and technique is her specialty. She understands injuries and how to work around them and clients have little excuse for success working with her. Melissa exemplifies the personal touch it requires to bring out the best and seeks to listen and understand the client.
Her training certifications include ISSA, CrossFit and Prescriptive Exercise.
Melissa became familiar with prescriptive exercise protocols and weaves her knowledge of it to educate from the inside out. Her knowledge surpasses most and is valuable to many.


Note: Every Team Rx staff member is a Certified Prescriptive Exercise Specialist. This certification program incorporates extensive training, testing and a required internship in the Tempus Protocols– the gold standard for prescriptive exercise training.