Answers to “Frequently Asked Questions”
About Prescriptive Exercise…

Question: How Do I get started on a Prescriptive Exercise Program?

Answer: Just like with any health issue, we start with assessment and diagnosis. You’ll complete a health history questionnaire that we will review together, and working with you and your doctor we’ll assess your current condition. Prescriptive exercise is exactly that—an exercise prescription based on your specific health and health risks.

Question: I’ve had heart disease for many years now. Is it safe for me to enter this program?

Answer: Your health is our primary concern. That’s why we first assess your specific health and risks before answering this question. However, this should not prevent you from exploring the possibility. People with advanced heart disease, pacemakers, stents, a history of heart attacks, occlusions, and other heart conditions have transformed their health through prescriptive exercise. And all prescriptive exercise is administered under the supervision of a Prescriptive Exercise Specialist and with a heart rate monitor.

Question: How do you work with my doctor?

Answer: We become part of your health care team just like any other specialist. We share test results, consult on your health, and collaborate on your care.

Question: Can my personal trainer administer my Prescriptive Exercise Program?

Answer: This would be similar to asking your personal trainer to take the place of a physical therapist. Their training and expertise is quite different. No matter how good your personal trainer is their education is not that of a Prescriptive Exercise Specialist.