Exercise is the Best Medicine

Here’s the good news. The right exercise combined with proper nutrition is all most of you will need to virtually eliminate any risk of death from these top 5 killers. The science we can now bring to you is that powerful!

The problem with most exercise is two-fold: Our approach to exercise is outdated and ineffective, and our expectations of what it means to exercise are unrealistic.

Our society’s approach to exercise, as contained in most exercise programs is flawed in several ways: Off-the-rack programs that only fit some of us well and may not even be focused on the right objective. Programs where everybody does the same thing day after mindless day. Fitness centers that maybe show you how to operate the equipment, then you’re pretty much on your own. Or personal training programs focused on the wrong or unrealistic objectives. Too often fitness is thought to be having the figure of the pencil-thin model, the body of the next Mr. Universe, or the ability to compete in the next Ironman Triathlon.

No wonder fitness program memberships soar in January and plummet in February!

Contrast this with our healthy lifestyle approach to exercise where we:

  • Create an individualized program that targets your specific metabolic needs, plots a path from where you are to where you need to be, and is enjoyable to you.
  • Give you access to a variety of training experiences designed to make your exercise fun and enjoyable, as well as effective.
  • Regular monitoring of your progress. You won’t believe how quickly you will progress! Seeing and feeling results will keep you motivated.

Note: Exercise’s dirty little secret is that it feels good and the results feel even better. You’ll love being around others who are experiencing these benefits too.